David and I spent last weekend in Bend, Oregon with our friends Tyler and Melissa...David and Tyler have been partners in a golf tournament there for 5 years....this year it was especially great because they WON THE TOURNAMENT!!! Melissa and I enjoyed time shopping, seeing girly movies, and laying by the pool--what a nice weekend for everyone involved :)

For my 26th Birthday David and I went to Seattle and stayed at his Aunt's condo for a few days. Teri was out of town so we were in charge of her dog Tazo. The weekend was perfect we took the dog for long walks around the trails and waterfront paths in Kirkland. We had coffee and went to church with my darling friend Harmony, David surprised me with tickets to a dinner theater production in downtown, and I met up with my friend and old roommie Kim! It truly was a wonderful few days.

The roof top view from Harm's apartment complex!

The Theater at Teatro Zinnzani

Sitting at our table which was right next to the middle of the tent, where all of the action was, it was the PERFECT seat!

The audience is encouraged to go all out at this production, the more wild--the better!

In true Jaspers tradition my sweet husband bought me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for my birthday...yes it has a golf club on it...there weren't many choices I understand. (The flowers are from my coffee shop boss) Truly, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend!



A trip to the beach--what a fabulous way to celebrate the Bar Exam being finished!!!! We went to spend a weekend near Seaside, Oregon with family and friends to celebrate a HUGE chapter of our lives being completed and it was so relaxing to walk on the beach, eat great food, and share in good company!

David can hardly wait for us to get a dog--but his parent's dog does a nice job as a stand in for now.

The boardwalk from the house down to the beach...picture perfect!

David's parents, Kris and Walt, enjoying the back porch and the lovely view.

Even my parents were able to escape the heat wave and join us for some relaxation!

David and Erik playing Bocce Ball

Jenni and I enjoying adult beverages after a great day of shopping in Cannon Beach.

David with his Aunt Teri and his Nonnie...what a great looking family!

Teri cooking in the beautiful kitchen--she made the MOST AMAZING meals for us all--and she did so much to make this entire weekend possible and we are so thankful to her for all she did!

We have gotten this far and we truly can't wait to see what path is ahead for us!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas