On the bus ride to Copenhagen you get to jump on a ferry boat and enjoy the beautiful water.
On our walk of the city Allan and Jen took us to these grounds that are military training grounds and when they are not in use they are open to the public.
A picture of the Copenhagen port with windmills in the background.
The Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen was home to Hans Christian Anderson, and this statue is a major landmark in the city.
Jen, Allan, and David in the courtyard of the Queen's main home. The home is protected by the guards, but the yard is open to the public, her house in directly behind them in the picture.
This neat street runs along the canal and there are ships docked along in the water--it was a relaxing and fun atmosphere to sit at a cafe or bar and catch up with dear friends.
The striking new opera house that was recently built. It is very different from almost every single building in Copenhagen, because all of the other buildings...ARE OLD!
Our AMAZING friends in their beautiful and charming new apartment.

We have just returned from a wonderful weekend visiting Jen (one of my roommates from college) and Allan (her boyfriend) in Copenhagen, Denmark. We feel so lucky to have such fantastic friends who treated us to a perfect time in their city.

We were able to see the sights, relax in their wonderful apartment, experience Danish culture, and walk through the beautiful streets in the sunny autumn weather that we were blessed to have the entire weekend!

It was just a 6 hour bus ride from Hamburg and now we are home ready to begin another busy week bright and early tomorrow morning.



The front entrance to the fair grounds—this photo was taken at 7am when we got to Munich and people were already flooding into the grounds to wait in line.
David with beer at 7am in front of one of the 8 large beer tents and next to a carnival ride (the grounds are like a state fair---food, rides, and then these big beer tents stuck in random places).

Because we were there on the first day of the Oktoberfest there was a parade that went into each tent—this one was waiting to come processing into the big tent that we were standing inside.
Does life get any better than this? We enjoyed our time sitting in a this “small” tent…we were very lucky…within 10 minutes of when we sat down here this whole area was packed with people!
There was music, beer, and pretzels…it was wonderful.

Our waiter and our neighbors who were sitting next to us at our table—all 3 of these men were dressed in wonderful traditional German clothes and all 3 of them were a riot!
1/2m sausage on a baguette—again David’s version of heaven.
The inside of a big beer tent.
Our last and final small beer garden of the day--turned out that we ended up staying for 5 hours chatting and enjoying steins of beer with these crazy boys from northern Italy and an older Canadian couple who were camping their way through Europe…it was very fun and a little bit wild for everyone involved.
We made it through a wonderful day and we fell fast asleep on the 9 hour train ride home, only to get into Hamburg at 7am and go back to bed until noon! What a wonderful life we have!

We went on a night train to Munich and enjoyed a day filled with beer, German sausages, wonderful costumes, and lots of new things to see! We had a blast and we got back to the train station just in time to get on a night train to come home!

It was a once in a life time experience and we will never forget it—we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our weekend.



Kate, Noa, and Noel feeding the very eager ducks and swans in downtown Hamburg.
The Alster Lake in the middle of downtown...very fun to shop while surrounded by water and boats!

The kids and I by the fountain in the parliament building, our daily outings keep us happy and joyful (can't you tell from Noel's tired little face?)
Noa took this photo of Kate and I--pretty impressive for a 3 year old?!?!
Prost (cheers)!
David with his plate of mixed sausage links and a beer--his favorite meal!
Saying good-bye to Kate outside of our front door.

Sorry we have been a bit slow in our communication this past week…we have had such a nice treat…a visitor from home…Kate Wilson. She is in Europe with her mom for 2 weeks on vacation and took a few days out of their trip to catch a quick flight from Amsterdam (where she left her very sweet mom looking at museums) to see our lives here in Hamburg.

Kate and I took the kids to downtown on the Wednesday to feed the swans and ducks in the Alster (the big lake in the middle of Hamburg) and we enjoyed the Chinese festival that is happening this week—Hamburg has a different festival happening EVERY weekend—it is amazing how enthusiastic these Germans are about anything and everything that you can think up! After Chinese food we ventured into the parliament building and found a fountain and atrium in the middle—it was pretty impressive.

For dinner David and I took Kate to a true German restaurant to eat sausage and drink beer—it was very yummy food (we finally ate some wiener schnitzel) and really strong beer—it was a terrific evening.

Then today Kate and I took the kids to the Harbor. It is the second largest port in Europe and it was very impressive. No pictures because we forgot the camera—oops—but we will be going back there and we will send pics because it was great fun for all of us.

Then our 2 short days were over and very sadly we sent Kate back on a plane to meet her mom so that they could explore the world of tulips and clogs. It was wonderful to have someone from home here and to have a familiar face to laugh with…of course we were never laughing at silly things that Germans do…of course that would never be the case!

Tomorrow night (Friday) David and I will be boarding a night train (thanks Nonnie for making it possible) to go to Munich for the official Oktoberfest. Should be a blast and we will have photos and crazy stories up on the blog next week.



After a long week of working I stayed up late one night and sat in the entry way/hallway/computer area calling home from the computer using Skype. Our Skype computer name is foxfamilyde and we had so much fun chatting away (Harmony and I talked for 40 min. and it was free). Computer to computer is free and then for us to call home is very easy and doesn't cost too much so that is nice.
David watching CNN on the couch with all of Julian's pictures hanging behind him. We aren't sure if Julian forgot to take them down or if he just wanted us to get to know his friends and family.
David in the kitchen getting fired up to listen to the duck game on computer. I brought a stash of Duck stuff to hang around the apartment on game days so that David would feel less like he was missing out on the Oregon fun.
Noa is 3 and she loves to read books and play with her dolls.
Noel is 15 months and he is a complete clown. He does whatever you tell him not to do and he giggles until he shakes when you come running after him when he is doing something totally not okay.

THE WEEKEND... is here (and almost over) and as we walked home last night from dinner at our new favorite neighborhood cafĂ©, we realized that Friday marked one week since we stepped off of the bus 109 with all of our bags and glazed looks in our eyes; we have successfully made it through one week in our new home, our new job, our new school…and we are still glad to be here.

Yesterday we went to the outdoor Market for the second time and we ordered our fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and cheese in German. Last week we made it to the neighborhood grocery store multiple times without forgetting our cloth shopping bag (they don’t provide plastic bags without a price here) we have successfully found our daily routes on the subway system, we have called home, and most importantly we have figured out how to cook our pasta and red sauce (total cost of dinner comes to 2.00) with enthusiasm and flare each night this week!

I have had a great week with Noa and Noel. They are truly loving children and they are learning that “Frauma Liz” does not respond when her lovely little children whine or cry. They both had colds this week and Noel is teething---needless to say it was an enthusiastic first week together! I met their parents through the online forum and I am so glad that I did—it is so interesting learning about Hamburg from them. Christofer is a teacher of teachers for the state and Fabienne is a marketing specialist for the hospital system here in Hamburg. They are both originally from Hamburg but have been living and working in Shanghi for the past 5 years, and now that they are back it is interesting to share our culture shock together.

David had orientation last week and it went well. He is very anxious to start his classes tomorrow. It should be fun to ride the subway together each morning and then trickle home at various times in the day. He says that he will get online and write a blog to tell you all about it this week.

The last and final exciting part of our weekend is that I spent the afternoon today in the German Emergency Room. David went to library and when he came home I had gone to have 6 stitches and was back taking a nap. (He was sorry to miss all the excitement)! This morning I was washing a wine glass and it cracked slicing through the back of my hand. After some consideration on how deep it was I decided that there was no way that I could hold it together with a band aid so I called Nadia and her WONDERFUL mother Christiana and her great aunt Helga took me to the ER. After just 2 hours and 150 euros I was stitched up and ready to go out the door. The ER was clean, friendly, quick, and the doctor spoke wonderful English—I was very surprised on many accounts but I will be honest the day would have been VERY traumatic without the wonderful angels who helped get me there and all fixed up!

We are off to go enjoy another week in Hamburg, Please email us, keep in touch and let us know about how your lives are going.

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