February through June....

Some of the Ladies of the Lindstrom Family in Seattle for David's cousin Kendra's birthday.

My mom got sick and spent a few weeks in the hospital with intestinal issues.

Thank goodness she was able to be out in time to celebrate her 66th birthday!

Sisters celebrating a great Mom!

COT graduation--first 5 weeks down.

All finished with officer training!

Yay-9 weeks later complete with JASOC! The 17 hour drive to Texas awaits us!

Our New House for the next 2 years.

Shopping in Wichita Falls, TX searching for patio furniture that David will use for his "in-house" furniture until our stuff gets there in a few weeks!

Memorial Day weekend visit! Fun in Salem and Eugene with our families...Love those sweet nephews!

We are ALMOST finished with the craziness of this adventure--just 2 more weeks and we will begin our 3rd year of marriage--and living TOGETHER! YAY!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas