This week David was on the LAST Spring Break of his life! He is so wonderful and such a hard worker that he chose to put in full days clerking at CIS Monday through Thursday.

So, for us, the week turned out to be pretty ordinary and because of our work schedules we decided we would wait to do something fun until the weekend came around. Well, the weekend came and what would we be blessed with? RAIN!

As we woke up to rain on Saturday morning we decided that our idea of a day at the coast would have to wait (the 40MPH wind gusts were a bit of adeterrent) so we chose to go walk around the Tulip Festival in Woodburn....yes in the rain...but at least there would be no wind :)

We got to the tulip farm and we were greeted with local craft artists, vineyards offering free tastings, and a beautiful field of ...soil! The tulips are not blooming yet.

We had a great laugh about our rain soaked/tulip-less adventure and we drove home on the back highways through the beautiful farms and fields of Oregon!

Tomorrow is once again Monday and we will return to the daily grind of our lives: subbing and Jcrew for Liz while David has classes and work. Our lives are in an interesting transition point, but we are enjoying each week to the fullest while we wait for the next chapters to be revealed to us.



My brother Darin working hard to get things in order in their new home.
Laura and Dillon painting the kitchen together--priceless memories being made!
The little boys hanging out while the adults paint the hallway and bedrooms.
Dillon showing off his newly missing bottom teeth to his Auntie.
In Kirkland, Aunt Teri putting away dishes in her beautiful new kitchen, what fun we had!
Harmony, Steven, David and I shared a lovely time together in Salem—yay for great friends!

This week there have been so many new and wonderful experiences for us, our friends, and our families.

My brother and his wife have purchased a new home and it is LOVELY! We have enjoyed seeing them make the new house their home with paint and furniture and we are so excited for them to have such a beautiful space to raise their children.

Our Aunt Teri has finished the remodel of her kitchen and downstairs. She and I had a blast lining cupboards and putting away dishes. We had so many laughs and not many mishaps, yay! Her home is AMAZING and it was so nice to spend time with she and Tazo enjoying the beautiful home she has created.

We also were blessed to have our friends Harmony and Steven come to visit from Seattle and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon of lunch and wine tasting in the picturesque (but rainy) northwest!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas