Monday was President's Day and we were both off from work...so we decided it was past time to get out of this town and hit up "the big city"

We made our way to Dallas and went to the most amazing outlet mall I have ever seen! It had outlets for Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Jcrew and so many others that will bring a smile to one's face and a tear to the eye...and if you listen closely one can even hear the angels singing in heaven.

David was very patient because as soon as we had exhausted our time limit...or money limit...which ever came first we were headed to a place that is dear to our hearts (and reminds us of home) BJ's Pizza!

Now Wichita Falls has some pretty great things to offer...none of which are decent pizza places! Thankfully, David and I do agree that there is nothing better than good pizza and we share a passion for eating great pizza...so late in the afternoon we were both ecstatic to sit down and eat some deep dish and drink a great microbrew before returning to our one horse town.

We made it home in time to take McCovey for a walk and get ready for a new work week! Happy Monday Y'all!


My father is the most patient man I know. He is funny, kind, honest, open, a true follower of Christ.
He is an amazing husband, father and grandfather.
I am so lucky to have this great man in my life.
I am lucky that he is supportive of my life and the woman that I have become!
My heart wishes that I could have spent yesterday with him, to celebrate his birthday but I was toasting you in spirit, my sweet dad!
Here's to a great seventy first year of life--and many more to come!



Don't let this photo fool you...I know that David looks pretty excited...BUT sadly things have been pretty low key here in "the falls" since our snow extravaganza!

There has been nothing major going on, but there have been some great little things have made the weeks enjoyable...

***having days off from school to be cozy at home

***enjoying a night out on the town together, taking in the local minor league hockey team and dinner at the Olive Garden (thanks for the great gift certificate, Alisa)

***working at Starbucks...I have now worked about 12 shifts (about 17 hours a week is the average I'll stay at until school lets out for the summer) and feeling like I am slowly but surely getting back in the groove of customer service, coffee making and hard core cleaning during the closing shift.

***sitting in the backyard after school and in the evenings in 77 degree weather, reading a book and throwing the tennis ball for Mac

***eating Chinese Take-Out made for a perfect Valentine's Day celebration on Monday

***gathering last weekend with friends meeting for our monthly Supper Club....the theme was Mediterranean...the menu included a great wine, a filo pastry puff with feta and spinach, shrimp with garlic/white wine/spring onions (brought by us), lemon/chicken soup, Greek Salad (brought by us), hickory smoked lamb, squash and cous cous with baklava for dessert. It was a delicious meal and a relaxing evening with friends!

***taking LONG walks with McCovey in the park--letting him run off leash and get his energy out! All the while enjoying the sunshine and the vast openness that Texas landscape offers.

***seeing a childhood friend (who I had not seen for 15 years) who was passing through Texas, as he is moving from New York to Colorado and needed a place to stay. David and I offered and thankfully he took us up on it and joined us in our home for a night! It was such a joy to see Sean and to offer respite after a LONG week of driving and staying in hotels! We wish him all the best in his next chapter!

***becoming more intimately connected to our church. It may seem silly to some, but for David and I it was a concerted decision to engage in a church! We decided on which mass we would go to every week...which area we would sit in every week...and sure enough two months later after mass the Deacon asked us, " are you new to the parish"? Yahoo, we aren't visitors anymore...we talked to someone! It feels good to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and this is only the beginning...we would really like to join in with the church community, and we will....but as with anything...it just takes time :0

As I said, this month's excitements haven't been about big things going on, but the small things that keep us going in this crazy Texas adventure that we are on!



What a lovely way to start the month of February...with SNOW! We have been snowed in for two days...school's shut down, the base is shut down, and the only things to do are walk the dog and enjoy our cozy home! There is NOTHING that I have enjoyed more since living here in Wichita Falls.


MARK 1:8 I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit." What a joyful event it was...seeing my sweet little godson washed clean by the waters of baptism!

Rick, his brother-in-law Tim, dear friends Jim and Sheila waiting to go to the baptism.

The beautiful family...

The Godparents....

The Jaspers' clan celebrating together...

Darin, Laura and I at the after party...

The sweet boy...

Rick and his sister Karen...

Sweet Elijah and the momma...

Cecelia and David enjoying the celebration...

The entire Jaspers Family, together again!


In the true Jaspers' way, my family celebrated Christmas a bit late but at least we were ALL TOGETHER! Darin and Laura had us over for dinner and we opened gifts...

we chatted....

we played with Grandpa...

and enjoyed every moment of our time together!



My dear friend Kate is getting married in April, and I am so lucky to be a part of her big day! When I was in Oregon I was able to be a part of her bridal shower. We gathered together to celebrate this beautiful young woman, our friend Lanina and her mom put on an incredible high tea. There is nothing better than to shower such an incredible couple and help them fill their first home! It also was such a great chance to catch up with old friends, like my childhood friend Elizabeth!

The radiant bride!

Friends from elementary school...Lanina, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth

Kate and her lovely mother.

Congrats my dear friend, so excited for you and Sam!


When I was in Oregon a few weeks ago, I was so lucky to be able to spend quality time with my family....including my sweet nephews! One of my favorite things that I was able to do, was to go to the Grandparent's Day Ice Cream Social at my nephew's school. I can't tell you the fun it was to see them in their element!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas