What do you get when you have a jar of sand, a few shells....

And an adorable steel crab...

Well, a summer mantel of course!

Happy Summer y'all.


Wowza--it has been over 100* for 38 days in a row--it is hot. Luckily it is not overly humid yet and this week we have even seen a few, beautiful, coveted, white thin little wispy clouds in the sky...there is something twisted about the fact that 105* seems cool.

McCovey is full of energy because our daily long walks have been cut short, even at night it is still over 90* and we don't want to take him for long walks in case he were to get overheated.

But for the past few weeks we have been blessed...our friends have been out of town and gave us the use of their pool in exchange we would keep the water levels checked...umm, yes we said, we can definitely do that for you!

These weeks have definitely been a highlight for all three of us this summer...and best of all were the picnics and beers in the evenings...poolside!



It is with great excitement that David and I had our first family pictures taken.

It was so fun to connect with our friend Jenni, who is a photographer in Puyallup, and we had so much fun taking photos to document our family as it is at this stage of the game: David, Elizabeth and McCovey.


Ready to get on the road

West Texas, enough said.

First day we made it just beyond Sante Fe, New Mexico

Our campsite only had a cement picnic table and a place for our tent...but it had an amazing view of the Rio Grande!

We set up camp and hit the lake for Mac to have a swim....

Enjoying the sun and the lovely setting after a nine hour day in the car

David couldn't resist a dip in the lake and McCovey was all too thrilled to have a friend to swim with!

Back to camp to make dinner and enjoy a game of cards before the sun set


Provo, Utah campsite...beautiful setting, roaring fire and good beer made this night truly perfect.

Lovely Salt Lake City, location of the wedding of David's elementary school friend.

Ready to witness the lovely marriage of two great people.

Friends since elementary school...David, Isaac and James enjoyed celebrating the bride and groom.

A donut wedding cake, how cute is this?!?!?

Congratulations Jeremy and Vanessa, we could not be more excited for you both.

The last stop before Oregon, was visiting our dear friends Jenni and Erik in Boise. Their home is amazing and their two goldens were great playmates for McCovey.

From Boise, we drove across the state of Oregon to see our family in Eugene. It was so wonderful driving through the trees and mountains.


We got to Eugene and spent three days with David's family. The night we got to town David's Dad had a baseball game at Marist, it was so fun to go out to the place where David spent so many hours during high school!

Ripken and McCovey loved going to the river to swim.

Nothing was better than the perfect 70* weather, so much better than the 110* Texas heat.

We met David's mom for a fantastic lunch in downtown Eugene.

Beer tasting at Ninkasi Brewery (with my brother Darin)

Hiking the Ridgeline Trail

Wine tasting just outside of Eugene

The winery had an amazing view to accompany the amazing wine

Walt and Kris hosted a fantastic BBQ, where we caught up with such great people! Here we grabbed a photo op with our favorite high school teacher, coach and friend.

The Fox Family

At the end of the week we headed up to Bremerton, where David's grandparents live to spend time with friends and family in Washington...this is the view from their kitchen table...it is truly the most relaxing place on earth.

Hitting golf balls into the water is David's favorite thing to do at Nonnie and Papa's house

Mac swam all day, each day. He was content to fetch sticks or just swim by himself...such a sweet little water dog!

On Saturday night, we jumped to Tacoma for my cousin's wedding at the Tacoma Glass Museum.

Celebrating a beautiful wedding, in a beautiful location!

Laura, Dillon and Luke were so cute all dressed up and ready to enjoy a great reception.

Back in Bremerton on Sunday, David's Aunt Bev came by to say hello. As always we loved catching up with her!

It was a treat to spend an afternoon with cousins!

Our sweet Aunt Teri made a fantastic lunch...complete with halibut, wild rice, blue cheese salad and scones for dessert.

For McCovey a long weekend of swimming and fun, was complete only with relaxing while watching the baseball game.

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas