The Danes

We were so lucky to have Jen and Allan here to visit The Falls. 
It was a great weekend full of cold drinks, catching up and talk of their upcoming wedding celebration.

Large plates of meat and Bud Light in a mason jar from The Branding Iron

 Judge Jen

 Experiencing "The Falls"

Relaxing mornings full of great talks and lots of coffee...

The weekend was complete with swimming and enjoying the Texas sunshine!

 Jen and Allan, thank you for coming to our home and for your friendship!
We are so blessed by you both!



“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”  -Mark Twain

It does not escape David and I that 12 years after our first introduction, 
we still find joy in our time together.

This weekend we went to Dallas; each finding joy in our own ways while at the same time sharing in the other person's happiness.

I shopped.  David watched the US Open in a Brewery.

David offered his vote on the promising summer dress contenders....

...I offered my commentary on the 17 year-old, braces wearing, golf phenom threatening Tiger's legacy.

We shared a meal at an Italian eatery, each choosing a dish that appealed to us...I chose an entree I have tried many times, while David went on a limb to try something new.

Next month we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and we know we are lucky.  We are lucky that at the end of the day spent together, we can each go to bed knowing that our souls are complete and our hearts are full of joy!

Here's hoping that your weekend was a joy-filled one as well...



A few weeks ago David had to go to Oklahoma City for work and since school is out, I was able to go too!

We had a great time enjoying the downtown area of OKC. We enjoyed beers at the Brewery and ate dinner on the outside patio of a local Mexican restaurant....luckily we finished just before the heavens opened up and a warm, sweet summer rain poured down on us.  We capped off our "night on the town" with dessert at The Melting Pot (a fabulous fondue restaurant that is definitely not available in The Falls).

The minute David invited me to go to the "Big City" with him, I began researching stores, malls, boutiques, local shops and hole in the wall spots to find great deals.  Well, my grand plans of browsing  beautiful stores stocked with on-trend clothing and household goods, was kabashed when I threw my neck and back out of place earlier in the week!  With my shopping abilities greatly hindered, I was forced to use my time wisely (probably for the best) and finish some homework while David served as the judge for an AF discharge board.  
***To his credit, my husband did take me to three stores on our way out of town, and both of us found some great summer items! 

Our second night, we headed to grab a Chicago style pizza (you know us, we live for good pizza) and it was our lucky night.  When we arrived at the establishment, we were greeted by an outdoor concert/biker rally in the parking lot...needless to say...it was amazing.

One more city crossed off our list, great memories added to it!



This weekend I decided to try baking something new...

I found this recipe from a wonderful blog...for Chocolate Cake...with chocolate ganache between the layers...and frosted with chocolate buttercream frosting...

But it didn't quite suite my tastes, because I don't get my kicks from eating solid chocolate...I like a little somethin' thrown in with it...nuts, fruit, ect.

So, I smashed some fresh raspberries and added a layer on top of the ganache...and I made a ring of raspberries around the top of the cake...

...and let me tell you...it was pretty darn great...and made only better by the scoop of vanilla ice cream that begged to accompany each slice!


Now that school is out and I am a lady of leisure, my mornings start with a cup of coffee and a bit of the Today Show.  Followed by a jog through the neighborhood, housework, and homework. 

Once my morning routine is complete then it is time to enjoy the Texas sunshine.  There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in the backyard (or heading to the pool) with a good book and a cold beverage; basking in the knowledge that living in the South allows me to experience a bit of paradise.  

 I have made it clear previously that I have a love affair with The Pioneer Woman, and one of the recipes that I am crazy about is her Iced Coffee recipe.  Check out this simple way to make iced coffee, trust me you will NOT regret adding this recipe to your life.  

I make a half batch and it can last for the week in a large Tupperware container in the fridge.  There is nothing better than escaping the penetrating sunshine...filling up a large glass with ice...pouring iced coffee over that ice, adding a small spoonful of sugar, a splash of nonfat milk and devouring the pure heaven that is cold iced coffee on a hot day.  

***Also, just to add to my joy I like to drink my iced coffee from a mason jar with a straw....it makes it more fun and summery somehow***

Now, I do not stray from the sugar/nonfat milk combo during the day...but last week I had a true stroke of genius that I thought just might make life that much better for David and I, as we sit on the back porch watching the sun go down...an Iced Coffee Cocktail!  

For a bit of background knowledge...David and I have been trying to use up all of our liquor because the military movers will not move any open bottle of alcohol.  So that means, all of our open containers have to be used up in the next 4 weeks...Hmmm...tough job...but I'll take it :) 

Try this little concoction, I promise you will not regret it!

Iced Coffee Cocktail:
1 shot of Bailey's Irish Cream
1 shot of Kahlua
1 shot of Vanilla Vodka
3/4 cup of Iced Coffee
*Shake the ingredients with ice and strain into a fun glass, filled with ice, and add a straw*

Happy Summer!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas