David celebrated his birthday this month, and what a great day it was!

He happened to be in court all day--but when he got home we celebrated his birth by enjoying cold beer...

...take-out from his favorite burrito place...

...and homemade ice cream cake...which was sadly not shared with the dog!

He was so thankful to receive new running shoes, a Costco gift card, tickets to a Las Vegas show, beach towels and registration to a microbrew of the month club.  

It was truly such a wonderful start to this new year and this new chapter in his life!



This Easter we were abundantly blessed to have David's mom here!

The weekend was amazing as we shared laughs, a bit of sun, great conversation and loads of relaxation.

We went hiking in the Wichita Mountains...

Frosted and delivered Easter treats to friends and coworkers...

Dyed Easter eggs...

Enjoyed mimosas and homemade cinnamon rolls while we peeked into our Easter baskets...

And we drove her all the way out to Ancient Ovens so we could dine outside under the stars...

Celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord, with family in our home, was a true gift...

...and we are so thankful for the long journey she took to brave this crazy state! We can't wait to celebrate many more holidays together in Vegas!


This spring has been all about green...mint, emerald, chartreuse, lime, apple....you name the shade of green and you can find it in our spring decor! The hints of pastels, as well as the floral and moss textures have truly brought the outside, in.



David spent last Saturday morning participating in the THOR Run.

Mud, water, old cars, rubber tubes, huge wind fans, wooden walls with one single rope, tarp slip and slides...all of these strategically placed obstacles were set up along the local trail-riding path.

He had a blast running with his Deputy and a friend from the ADC...they all emerged from the 5k appropriately covered in dirt and smiles!



**Disclaimer** For this post, I used a new app on my iphone to download these pics to the blog. Needless to say the photos are HUGE but I promise that I will size them down the next time I use this great app!

The past few weekends have been fantastic for David, McCovey and I. There is just something great about "gettin' out of dodge" and rejuvenating ourselves with the fresh air and beauty that comes from nature!

The majority of our camping experiences have been on the Oregon Coast...with sand, water, wind and rain being largely involved...all I can say is that Texas camping is very different...and so much better!

The beautiful warm weather during the day makes it perfect to hike through the Wichita Mountains, a wildlife refuge full of bison and long horns, followed with evenings of sitting around the campfire in shorts (who knew that was possible)!

We were lucky to have some great friends join us on one of the weekends. Teah has just recently returned from a six month deployment to Afghanistan, so it was a great opportunity to catch up and enjoy her tales from the middle east.

In true Jaspers form, while camping is a rustic activity--we don't believe you have to eat rustic food. Let's just say that there are no hotdogs slapped on a tree branch, stuck in a flame alongside a can of cold pork and beans, nope-- not in this family! We work hard, we play hard, and we eat good food!

A few of the menu items from our camping trips include:

*Appetizers of various cheeses, pears, apples and crackers
*Brats on the grill
*Baked potatoes cooked in the fire
*Caesar salad
*Pasta salad
*Citrus Ginger Chicken and veggie kabobs on the grill
*Garlic mashed potatoes

The chicken was so easy and delicious...I cut it into cubes, marinated and froze it in a Ziploc bag (in it's marinade) before we left. It defrosted perfectly in the ice chest and I skewered it up with veggies that I had precut before we left.

For dessert we devoured s'mores and sipped on cocktails...all the while gazing at the crystal clear Milky Way shooting across the sky.

We feel lucky that Mac does pretty well sleeping on his bed in our tent. Only using his nose to push his way out of the tent to take a quick walk around the campsite....twice.

Soon, the oppressive heat and the incessant bugs will be coming, indicating that our Texas summer is here in full force....until then you will find us taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the gorgeous scenery this perfect spring season continues to provide!



The past few weekends have provided perfect weather for being outside and enjoying the Spring.

With temps in the 80's during the day and 65* at night...the small buds on the trees and the sprouting green grass whispered to us to come outside and enjoy God's true canvas for His most perfect artwork....nature.

Since we have been camping the past few weekends, my Sunday dessert indulgences have been scaled back to treats that are transportable...simple Rice Crispy Treats and old fashioned S'mores prepared over the open campfire.

I will tell you, that I have NEVER met a marshmallow, that I haven't utterly adored....someone better hide the Peeps.

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas