It was so fun to watch the Duck game on Saturday! Even McCovey got into it! Here is our first family photo op with Mac--now we just need to get him some game day Duck gear. GO DUCKS!



A little bit late on this update but it was such a joyous occasion I had to share pics!

In July our dearest friend Brie got married. My college roommate who always made sure that we had a good meal to eat, a clean kitchen to look at, a positive word of encouragement, a creative card on a rough day, a friend to run errands with, a buddy to go to the gym with, a laugh, a sounding board, a giver of all she had--that was our Brie.

She is now making Scott the luckiest man in the world because she is still all of those things + so much more! Brie is an amazing teacher, an incredible supporter, an out-of-this-world designer, while being the comfort and the rock that we all need in our lives.

Sharing in Brie's day made my heart swell with joy, tears stream down my face, and pure bliss explode in my soul when I realized the amount of fun and love that Brie and Scott will have in the many years to come!

May you have an abundance of God's blessings in your life ahead my darling friend!
PLU roommates together again.

South Hall #136 at the Rehearsal.

David and I with Brie at the rehearsal dinner.

The beautiful gardens just outside of Salem where Brie and Scott got married.

Brie and I just before she walked down the isle...

McCovey Fox

Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. --Albert Einstein

With trepidation we set out on Friday night towards Houston. We stayed the night and got up quite early in order to make it the rest of the way to Louisiana where we would take the next step into opening our hearts to a new member of our family: McCovey.

We had the choice out of three boys and we narrowed it down to two...(we knew immediately that the wild one was not for us)...out of the two one of them was chunky, slow, easy going BUT still strong spirited while the other was sleek, fast, cunning, and inquisitive....we chose the "chunky" one.

He slept the entire eight hour ride home, alternating between being in my lap and being in the kennel in the back of the car. He went potty at the rest areas, drank water out of his dish, and generally just wanted to be a little love.

That was 3 weeks ago.

Today he is a rambunctious, (still chunky) but also devious, inquisitive, and crazy about being where the people are.

He loves chewing on ice cubes, playing tug of war with his rag, fighting with his stuffed duck, ringing the bells on the door to go outside and go potty...or to chew on sticks and leaves, and sitting between my feet while I make dinner or do the dishes.

He loves his kennel, he loves his bed, and he loves to sleep INSIDE of the coffee table. He can sit, shake, come, and lie down on command (with a treat in hand of course).

He is our first addition to our family. He is our focus, our energy. He brings us together, he brings us away from our own selfish needs and allows us to completely devote ourselves to his needs.

He is our dog and we are so madly in love with him and his FANTASTIC personality!

Welcome to our lives sweet boy, thank you for letting us be a part of yours!

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