David and I had the pleasure of getting ready for Christmas together this year knowing that we would be doing things that we would want to continue to do for many years to come so we had to decide what we want our family traditions to be...some are still yet to be determined. But we did know that we wanted to do the following:

Hang our stockings with care.

Decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving.
David may have decided to watch the Office after he discovered that every ornament he put on the tree was moved to a new spot where it worked better :0

McCovey hasn't destroyed the tree too much, but he does like to take a drink or "lean" into the lower branches just to see if we are paying attention!

Our Texas tree, brought to the Wichita Falls Boys and Girls Club to sell, from the state of Washington.

Drive around the city and look at lights.
Walking around Midwestern State University campus--every building is done in lights and it is so beautiful!

We have had an amazing Advent season and we have loved preparing our home and our hearts for the birth of our Savior. We are so excited to go to Midnight mass together tomorrow night and to see what other traditions take place...for our first Christmas on our own. Wish us luck :0


Last weekend we took McCovey to our friends' home to play with their puppy, Tux. Mac and Tux had so much fun bounding around their backyard, running after balls, chasing each other and taking a dip in the pool. We know that they will be forever friends and they were so tired the rest of the day that we have all agreed this is going to become a new Saturday tradition.

New friends playing chase, and yes Tux is chasing Mac...and yes, Tux is half of the size of Mac :)

Trying to decide if he wants to take a dive....he fell in on accident, so the choice wasn't up to him!

David threw the ball for them so many times, he is so faithful and patient!


For Thanksgiving this year we were so excited to host a family who has become near and dear to our hearts. The Blacks (were) a family of five and Kristi was nine months pregnant...so we thought what a perfect time to have them over and allow Kristi to take the day of from cooking! It was so much fun to spend the day getting ready and we enjoyed our time together talking, playing games, and doing a few crafts! The next morning (BLACK FRIDAY) we were called at 6:30 to come hang out with their kiddos because Kristi was in labor! Their newest member Thomas Harrison arrived very soon after they got to the hospital and we loved being able to spend the day with the fabulous new big brothers and sisters! A very blessed Thanksgiving, for sure!

Getting that huge bird in the oven early Thanksgiving morning.

We decided each year that we will take a photo of Mac by the turkey so that we can keep record of where we are in life and how big he is every year!

Yes, I let McCovey lick the pan after I roasted the bread crumbs for the stuffing...I couldn't help myself....he is just THAT cute!

The Black family saying hello to new baby Thomas.

Holding new baby Thomas Harrison.



It was so fun to have my parents here for a week in November. We relaxed, saw "the sights" of Wichita Falls and Dallas, gave lessons on cooking, technology and gardening and we just enjoyed catching up! I feel so blessed that I have such fun and easy parents who are loving and kind and most of all supportive of both David and I and the life that we live!

The JFK Museum in Dallas.

Mom and Dad at "The Falls" in WIchita Falls

My mom letting McCovey lick the plates as she was cleaning the kitchen...

Lessons on how to use a digital camera.

My dad teaching me how to make his world famous crepes for breakfast!

Longhorn Cows in the Wichita Mountains

Mom and Dad at the lake in the Wichita Mountains

McCovey LOVED having them here and can't wait until they will come back to play again!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas