This is the front door of our German apartment complex. It is so small and cute--but it has a double bed so neither of us has to sleep on the floor! At this point we have finished school, we have found our apartment in Germany, and now we are beginning the packing up/getting the "small stuff" in order. I am waiting patiently to work for the Salem Temp agancies that I am signed up with and David is working hard at CIS. We have started the sorting process and the packing process is yet to come! Can't believe we are at the 8 week mark--I better go and make some dinner in a nice spacious kitchen while I can--our kitchen in Germany is going to be bite-sized!



So here we are trying to end out our year in Salem (David's 2nd year and my 1st year) and now we are starting to search for apartments. It looks like we will be choosing from small, smaller, and smallest apartment choices and it will be cozy and fun! WE CAN'T WAIT! The next few months will be quite simply a Tetras Game--getting our things to fit into boxes to leave our apartment, getting the boxes to fit into the storage unit, getting our life for 5 months into suitcases, getting our things to fit into our little German apartment...it is going to be a challenge and yet we are going to grow so much from the experience--it will be worth it!


77 DAYS!

It is just 77 days until we leave for our big adventure.  I got my passport today and it has my new official name---I am officially a Fox.  David is working on our housing and now that he is finished with school he is going to have a much easier time starting to get things in order before we go.  Just 6 more days of school left for my little kindergarteners and that makes things for next year feel...very real!  It is going to be so amazing to be living in another country--I can't wait!

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