In November David sent me to Seattle for a girls weekend. Nothing could have been better for my soul than to spend precious time with women who rejuvenate me.

While I was there David and I learned of our new assignment with the Air Force...Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. Let's just say I was very saddened by this news (we really wanted to move to Europe) and thank goodness I was in the exact place I was supposed to be when I learned our fate...with my best friends!

It was an amazing weekend and I couldn't ask for better women in my life, I feel truly lucky.

Harmony took us to an amazing Italian restaurant and my meal and the conversation was memorable!

Beautiful Brie

Molly Moons ice cream

Sunday Brunch complete with mimosas of course....that's just how we role.

Ummm...coffee after a long weekend of staying up late and drinking large quantities of wine...yes, please!

A perfectly clear, cold, sunny fall afternoon in Seattle is true bliss.

Pike's Place Market

The ladies of South Hall Apartment #136 version of crack. The Cheese Counter. Careful, we can get pretty out of control.

After hearing the news of Vegas and feeling quite sad, what is better than sitting at the spa, with your best gal pal, with a cup of steaming hot tea--as she gets her hair cut by a fabulously wise young chap named Drew...let me tell you...nothing is better than that.

A true shining moment for the weekend was seeing two gals who mean the world to me. I got to see Kate (who I forgot to take a photo with) and Kim each for some amazing conversations and catch up time. Kim is pregnant and it was so fun to see her in this soon to be mother-stage and hear about her next big adventure with baby Isaac!

Friendship...one can not ask for anything better than good friendship!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas