We had our monthly Supper Club at our house this month and the theme was, "A Spring Evening in Paris" the menu included:

Champagne and Goat Cheese Tomato Tart

L'Entrée (Appetizer)
Cheese Soufflé (served with a green salad brought by Laurel)

Le Plat Principal (Main course)
Beef Bourguignon served on a bed of Buttered Egg Noodles

Le Dessert
Mousse au Chocolat and Chocolate Truffles

We met our guests at the door with a glass of champagne and a dish of green olives marinated in citrus infused olive oil (this was a totally easy recipe that tasted AMAZING)!

There are three couples in Supper Club, we all enjoy cooking and sampling fine foods! Here is the group enjoying champagne and the goat cheese and tomato tart.

Our table decor included black placemats and napkins, silver chargers, our yellow plates, white tulips and white pillar candles.

These were all new recipes for me and I will admit that I was a bit nervous because I had heard that souffles can be finicky and that mousse is hard to make light and airy--but luckily it all tasted great and looked like it was supposed to! I love being able to try new recipes and I really enjoy being pushed to step out of my culinary comfort zone. Many laughs were shared throughout the evening and the bottles of wine flowed as fluidly as the conversation. It was a great spring evening!


82nd Training Wing Awards Dinner

Tonight we had a great time at the awards dinner for the training wing that David is attached to. It was a great time had by all and a fun reason to get dressed up! What a perfect way to start the weekend off...

The JAG office with the speaker, General Stephen Lorenz, who was both funny and inspiring as he shared his take on leadership.

A great evening, a good memory, and a perfect way to celebrate being at Sheppard for one year!



Spring is here and it is heavenly! Single blades of bright green grass are sprouting up in the midst of the brown we have been seeing for months. The weather is in the 70's and above everyday. There is a warm breeze in the evenings that allows us to enjoy our back patio AND there has been a complete overhaul on our home with all things...SPRING!

Enjoying an evening outside together as a family...simply the best of life's little gifts!

Nothing says spring like an egg tree! The branches for my tree are from a dead bush in our front yard that I painted and stuck in the vase...always LOVE when you have things around to help make decorations personal! Also, probably my favorite part of spring is that I can stick these little "nests" and eggs all around our home to make it more festive.

Even the floor vase got a sprucing up--with new buds (that Mac loves to try and nibble on)!

When my mom was here we found this fantastic server at TJ MAXX and I knew that it would be PERFECT for a serving piece and a table center piece...these green moss balls are from the dollar store and they are truly my new favorite thing in the world!

The spring mantle was such a joy to put together and truly made my heart (and our living room) feel refreshed.

The vases are all from the thrift store and I got them for $2 a piece, then I spray painted them to make them the same and set to work on painting an old framed picture that I wasn't using....the frame is the same spray paint as the vases and the center is chalkboard board paint...embellished with a great spring quote and some more dollar store moss balls.

Who doesn't love candy in apothecary jars? My favorite part of the changing of the seasons, is changing the jelly belly colors out...

The entrance to our home is so cheerful with our save the date photo in one of my favorite, bright, spring frames and of course...more eggs in their nest :) But where did I get the moss wreath...I bet you are wondering...

Well...the moss wreath...I MADE! For $6 I was able to make a wreath that will last through the spring and it is so cute. I used a Styrofoam wreath, glue gun, sheets of moss from the hobby lobby and some green sheer ribbon...and here it is!

I know that there are some days when everyone feels a little low, or life seems a little hard...but I can promise a little spring in your life will go a long way to making your heart smile every time you walk into the room!
Happy Spring Y'all!

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