My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:8

God's grace is so amazing! One day before David left for Alabama, the sadness in our hearts was trumped with joy, my sister Alisa and her husband Rick welcomed their second child.

A boy. Rowan. Beautiful, healthy, 7 pounds and loved by his big brother Elijah.

David left Salem and the ground beneath me shook, but in the weakness that comes from the unknown, God's grace and understanding surrounded me with the beauty and joy of a new born baby.

Welcome little boy--may you know that your birth is a joy and a gift from our gracious God to all those who love you.


Alabama here he comes! David took his list, similar to that of a "going to camp" or "starting school" list, and began checking his way down the items that he would need to be successful in his new profession.

He had so much fun buying highlighters, envelopes, camo, and shiny dress shoes...we met back at Teri's house and checked things off one more time and then we packed them away for the long drive to Alabama.

After a week in Washington, we got back to Salem and we packed up the rest of David's clothes and car snacks. We met Kris, Walt, and Caitlin for dinner in downtown and then on Tuesday January 5th he drove away...into the next chapter, towards a new life, looking forward to a new adventure.


College Roommates. There is nothing better. We are so blessed to have each of these people still in our lives. I met with my girlfriends to celebrate Jen being home from Denmark, Brie getting married this summer, and Harmony turning 27 on the 27th. We had such a wonderful visit!

David's grandparents were gracious enough to have us over night and we had a wonderful visit and finished off with a beautiful toast from Nonnie.

New Year's was filled with drinks, laughs, and playing games on the Wii.

We were so blessed to have the opportunity to visit with all of these people, but we couldn't have made it happen without Teri. She allowed us to use her home as our "base" and we were so lucky to spend time with her and relax in your beautiful home.


What an incredible Christmas we had. David and I were so blessed to be able to welcome the Christ child with family and friends all around.

On Wednesday (the 23rd) we started off our Christmas with a candle light service at our church. It was amazing. We sang worship songs and listened to the great story of Jesus being born in a manger--the simple beauty and truth of why we celebrate Christmas was so present in that one hour.

On the 24th we got to Eugene and spent the evening with Kris, Walt, Caitlin, Gayle, Mike, Leah, Colin, and Grandma Fox. We had so many laughs and truly great memories were made.

On the 25th we opened presents together and then David and I made our way to the Jaspers' clan. We saw many out of town relatives and enjoyed time with our nephews.

On the 26th we packed up the car and headed to Seattle...we had family and friends to visit and no time to waste!

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas