Our little Christmas tree.
The lovely snow outside of our apartment.
Out for a night at the theater.
Nadia and her friend Sarah getting things set up at her Christmas party.
Jen and Gluwein--what a great life!
Santa's chair at the Markets.
St. Pauli Soccer.
David, freezing and trying to pretend he knows anything about soccer.

We only have 21 days left here in Hamburg and we are trying to make the most of it. Last week we got a very hard snow and it transformed the city. Then, this weekend we were able to go and see a play called, "Caught in the Net" a British play that was fun and full of weird British humor! We also went to Nadia's Christmas party and we had Jen here to "do" the Christmas Markets around Hamburg (we took in about 5 hours worth of Markets--not too shabby) and David was able to go to the St.Pauli soccer game between studying for his finals.

What a wonderful life we are living and what wonderful blessings we are being given over and over. We hope your lives are richly blessed during the Advent Season!

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