Last weekend we hosted David's office over for a party. The weather cooperated and it was only in the 70's, yahoo, so we used our back patio and backyard to seat the 13 adults and 11 children comfortably.

We served Chilli, Potato Soup, and Chicken Noodle Soup and invited guests to bring a side of some kind. People brought yummy cornbread, homemade rolls, and a fabulous spinach salad.

I was really excited that the soups turned out to have good flavor and depth but I was even more excited with the dessert I made, it turned out pretty great!

This Caramel Apple Cake recipe is so amazing and even more the parts that go into making it are amazing on their own. I will now use the applesauce recipe for our homemade applesauce and if I need caramel, I will use the recipe from this cake.

It took a good amount of time, but I promise it is SO worth it!


It is with true Texan pride that I write this next post.

It was an amazing 80* when we embarked upon the world's craziest fair. We paid a guy $10 to park on his lawn and joined our friends Natalie and Mark. We made our way to the coupon tent just inside the front entrance. Everything you buy at the fair has to be bought with coupons. So we got ours and headed out (with a cold Bud Light in hand) to see what we could find.

The Texas Eye

The record breaking long horn

The milking parlor

The deep fried...everything

Between the four of us we consumed:
A buffalo chicken wrapped in a flap jack, battered deep fried and served with maple syrup. A corn dog. Curly fries. Deep fried pumpkin pie. Deep fried moon pie. Deep fried Ding Dong. And a lot of cold Bud Light.

It was an amazing experience that we will NEVER forget!


What a fun season this is turning out to be. We are so lucky that the fall has brought a bit of cool weather to the town of Wichita Falls and with that cool weather, some great things as well!

Halloween Cookies ready for delivery to friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Oktoberfest put on by the German Pilots, complete with great food and lots of German beer.

A new dark hair color and a festive mantel ready for Halloween.

Happy Fall Y'all!


This post is long over due, but better late than never, right? On our way home from Alabama we stopped on the Gulf Coast in a little resort town called Ocean Springs. We instantly fell in love with the little shops and the beautiful ocean scapes...and the homes? Well those were just gorgeous!

We got to Ocean Springs in the afternoon and after checking into our hotel, went straight to the ocean. A long walk and some football playing with the sand between our toes...perfection.

We headed to the shops to enjoy a little of the local flavor. Afterwards we began our own little pub crawl...enjoying the bars, outdoor spaces, and restaurants that this sweet little town had to offer.

The next morning we waited in line with the locals at the the corner doughnut shop and after receiving our bag of hot doughnuts we got on the road to make the 10 hour drive home in time for the Duck game. We can't wait to go back to Mississippi and enjoy even more towns along the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Bright Lights, Big City...Life in Las Vegas