In just four days we were able to unload and put away all but *two* of our indoor boxes! Yahoo! The garage has about twenty to put away still, but those are things like Christmas decor and golf clubs...things that are not necessary for our daily life to continue so no judgement please :)

It's a good thing we hustled and got the majority of our stuff put away last weekend because tonight was a big night for us...we had our very first dinner guests...The Foxes! Kris and Walt came to Vegas for vacation and a visit and tonight they came to our new home for dinner.

Plans went a bit crazy because David is working a lot of extra hours this week (he has a case that will start Thursday) so I ran out to The Strip and brought them back to our place.

After a brief tour, they settled right in loving on Mac and Walt even went swimming! I ended up going to get David because his truck wouldn't start :( and then we were back in a flash ready to eat.

David grilled blue cheese burgers on the BBQ, which we accompanied with Harvest Grain from Trader Joe's--a favorite of ours that you must try! We enjoyed chatting by lamplight on the patio, and we were able to catch a few of the Olympic Track and Field races.

It was a very low-key evening and it was very special to have Walt and Kris be our first dinner guests in our Nevada home. We are so excited to see them throughout the week ahead, for more catching up and some wild shenanigans!

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