Normally, the Fox Family is just David and I...but we were so excited that last week life with "The Fox Family" included David's parents.

Seeing them Monday was so great, and we were able to connect with them again on Wednesday night.  We met them down on the Strip for some true Vegas fun.  We walked to Lagasse's Table (Emeril's sports bar and grill, complete with stadium seating) and enjoyed a delicious meal!
Between the four of us, we devoured cold beers, perfectly unique sweet potato fries served with cinnamon dipping sauce, BBQ chicken pizza, hamburgers, BBQ pork sandwich, and a wedge salad.  It became a group meal for some of us--sharing, sampling, and tasting one another's food choices. Everything on the table was really fantastic!
We then walked to the Bellagio to enjoy the fountains and a brief stroll through the casino.  The night was truly perfect and could not have been more fun.
It worked out that on Thursday, we were able to have more Fox fun!  I went down to meet Walt and Kris at Table 10 in the Palazzo.  We had a wonderful happy hour and lots of great conversation and completed the afternoon with a relaxing stroll along the Venetian's canal.
David was in court all day, so he did not get to join us, but after our walk through Italy...we drove to Nellis to meet up with the Captain.  David toured his parents around the base and we had a brief stop of to explore the commissary and class six...always a great adventure to be had at the liquor store.

The evening ended back at our house.  A dinner of BBQ salmon, couscous and salad accompanied by a brief night swim and a lightning storm (don't worry--it was in that order and no one was harmed)!
It was an absolute delight to have The Fox Family here and although we missed Caitlin, we were excited (and a bit jealous) that she only missed out because of the amazing European adventure she is on! We are so thankful to Walt and Kris, it was such a joy to have them here and we can't wait to see them again!


Anonymous said...

Your in-laws came to visit you guys when you had barely just moved in?? Are they crazy!? I imagine you were your usual gracious hostess self, though!

Elizabeth Fox said...

Thank goodness my in-laws are totally wonderful people who can get past the pictures not being hung on the wall and the boxes scattered around the garage! My Father-in-law is a teacher and it worked out for them to come when they did, so neither he nor I would be in school. As a side note, I would always encourage people to have guests scheduled to arrive soon after a move, it totally makes you unpack faster than you would if it was just yourselves. David and I would still be living in chaos if they hadn't come when they did! Thanks for the comment, always love to hear from people!

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